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8 May 2023 - 10 May 2023
Vienna, Austria
International B2B Software Days 2023 - the Future of Digital Business

Sponsoring opportunity

We would like to offer our sponsors ONE attractive sponsoring package – as we believe there is no reason to make a distinction between gold, platinum, silver, global etc. We would like to keep it as simple as possible!

What’s in it for you?

The main organiser will promote this event all over the world through its partners and their networks. This will provide you with excellent visibility not only before and during, but also after the event. A lot of site visits take place afterwards, since the Cooperation Profiles on the platform are forwarded to new business partners worldwide, even months after the end of the event.

We are organising this event now for the fifth time, counting already a very high number of satisfied participants. In 2021, we had 2300 participants, 1600 pre-arranged meetings and more than 104,000 site visits.

We would like to offer an attractive sponsoring package at 3,000 Euros,  which includes the following:

  • Your logo on the starting page of the event, linking to your company’s website
  • Your booth in the exhibition area (as long as they are available) or participation as a speaker in one of the workshops. 
  • A brief message in the menu “Sponsoring”: Why is your company sponsoring this event and what are you offering. This message of max. 350 characters shall be an additional motive to visit your booth
  • Sponsors will be mentioned during the opening speech on Day 1
  • Your logo will be visible during the breaks
  • Special mentioning of the sponsors in the last information mailing right before the event
  • Covering through the social media of the organisers and the event (linkedin, twitter)

After booking the "Sponsoring ticket" during your registration process, the event organisers will get in contact with you. 

If you have any additional ideas for your optimal promotion – please feel free to get in contact with Thomas Röblreiter/FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency.

Closed since 21 June 2023
Location Vienna City Hall
Participants 840
Meetings 832
Austria 463
Poland 71
Germany 48
Bulgaria 43
Türkiye 39
Italy 38
Romania 32
Hungary 31
Slovakia 31
Ukraine 27
Ireland 25
Spain 21
Czech Republic 19
Portugal 19
Egypt 17
Greece 16
Bosnia And Herzegovina 16
Taiwan 14
Slovenia 13
Kosovo 13
Estonia 12
Netherlands 12
France 12
Belgium 10
Croatia 10
United Kingdom 10
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 10
Switzerland 8
United States 7
Lithuania 6
North Macedonia 6
India 5
Serbia 5
Singapore 4
Malaysia 4
Norway 4
Chile 3
Albania 3
Latvia 3
Sweden 3
Ethiopia 2
Uganda 2
Finland 2
Israel 2
Cyprus 2
South Africa 1
Anguilla 1
Denmark 1
Namibia 1
China (Hong Kong) 1
Luxembourg 1
Armenia 1
Bangladesh 1
Belarus 1
Malta 1
Pakistan 1
Algeria 1
Moldova, Republic Of 1
United Arab Emirates 1
China 1
Kazakhstan 1
Viet Nam 1
Total 1160
SME 433
Startup 208
Corporate 147
Association/Agency 123
Other 122
University 47
R&D Institution 47
Authority/Government 34
Total 1161
Profile views
Before event 30743
After event 2153
Total 32896