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8 May 2023 - 10 May 2023
Vienna, Austria
International B2B Software Days 2023 - the Future of Digital Business
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Open until 8 May 2023

Ireland @ b2b Software Days 2023

With its vibrant tech ecosystem, Ireland is worldwide recognised as a hub for innovation, with a strong focus on developing digital competences that make it an exemplary country for others to learn from. Beyond attracting some of the world's biggest tech companies, such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, Ireland's success can also be attributed to its collaborative approach to innovation. The country has established a strong network of tech companies, startups, academic institutions, and government agencies, working together to drive innovation and create new opportunities in the technology sector.

We will dedicate a whole day to Irish innovation and networking, staging Keynotes that will help you get insights into Ireland's successfull approach to innovation (on Tuesday 9/5 from 11.15 - 12.30) as well as numerous interesting workshops and panel discussions. Leading companies and participants from business and industry will be ready and available for networking at the B2B sessions. In addition, top Irish products and solutions in the software business will be highlighted in our marketplace, providing examples of what Ireland is capable of in terms of innovative, digital, sustainable and open contributions along the entire supply chain. If you’re looking to connect with Irish innovators and their innovations, this is the place to be. 

9 May 2023 - Innovation made in Ireland


Keynotes >>>

  • Ireland's digital innovation ecosystem: A tale of success
    Edward Mcdonnell | University College Dublin
    John Pugh & Maurice Lynch | Nathean AI 
  • Blockchain: Creating value beyond the fintech sector
    Fiona Delaney | Origin Chain Networks 
  • How to create a unicorn
  • Disrupting social media
    Stephen O Leary | Olytico

Workshop:  What the Customer Wants. Effective AppSec & Cybersecurity Risk Management

  • You will get a better understanding of the firm’s cybersecurity obligations as a supplier and the imporatnce of a strong AppSec Program. This workshop is helping B2B SaaS companies understand what organisations require from their suppliers with regards to cybersecurity risk management. 

Looking for more? 

We are proud to host Irish enterprises from the all fields of software, smart industry, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence, which will be available for discussion. Don't miss out the unique opportunities in our agenda and the B2B meetings to get a chance to meet them!

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