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8 May 2023 - 10 May 2023
Vienna, Austria
International B2B Software Days 2023 - the Future of Digital Business

Workshop 5.4: Industrial IoT – from data acquisition to data utilization in the context of logistics

How you benefit:

In this workshop we are focusing on these topics:

  • Insights into actual reasearch activities in the field of Industrial IoT
  • Discovering new tools for data acquisition
  • Getting insights into AI best practices

What you can expect:

Logistics is everywhere, no matter if it’s about tracing value chains or production lines in order to secure quality and accountability as well as exploiting economic and production efficiency or to avoid damage or drop outs.Today it is basically impossible not to produce data and almost impossible not to use them when dealing with scarcity in all kinds of areas, such as time and resources. SME especially often lacking the capacities to identify the right tools for their individual digital transformation, while being fully emerged in their day2day business. An additional hurdle is added, when one is working with a variety of different machines and tools all producing different types of data. In this workshop we want to present how data can be collected simultaneously, how to proceed when identifying crucial data sources and how to make data available. Additionally we show you what AI can actually deliver and present some best practices regarding data usage in the field of industrial IoT and logistics.

Applied CPS and INNOVATE present the challenges of working with different types of data and intersections, keeping in mind the overall goal to make them accessible for the non-tech-savy end users/customers of software solutions.

The program is part of the Digital Innovation Hubs in Austria and funded by the FFG and the European Comission

Who will inspire you:

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